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Welcome to CISGG

Canadian International School Guangxi Gaojie (CISGG) is a certified British Columbia Offshore high school located in southern China. It is inspected and regulated by the Ministry of Education of the province of British Columbia.The curriculum is the same as in B.C. and is taught entirely in English by B.C. certified teachers. 



Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


It is my honour and privilege to be the Principal of CISGG here in Nanning. You have made the right choice in choosing the one true International School in Nanning. You have chosen the road less traveled by choosing to study in English but by choosing the harder path, you have invested in your own development. As a student of CISGG you will be pushed beyond what you thought you were capable of, both personally and academically. When you graduate from our school, you will leave here a better student and a better person. You will be provided the opportunity to participate in a multitude of activities to help you better understand yourself, your city, province and Country so that when you go abroad, you will be able to proudly represent yourself as an Individual, an alumnus of CISGG and as a Citizen of Nanning, Guangxi, China. Take advantage of all of the opportunities that you are being provided and you will be rewarded for your efforts. At CISGG we strive to create a community that supports, encourages and engages its members for life. Welcome to the CISGG Community!

Eric MacLachlan, Principal of CISGG



What will I study? What marks do I need for admission? How much will my Certificates of Graduation cost? Find out here.

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